Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Minute Pasta Just in Time for Presto Pasta Nights

Wow...where did the week go?! It's Thursday and tomorrow Pam of Sidewalk Shoes is hosting this week's Presto Pasta Night and I haven't a thing to wear...oh wrong...I HAVE things to wear, I just haven't made any pasta this week.

It's a good thing I had some Dreamfields pasta on hand...they make the "good" carbs I can eat on The South Beach Diet Phase II. It's also a good thing I roasted a chicken this morning before it got hot in here. And since I always have onions, garlic and mushrooms...the rest was easy and came together in the time it took to boil water plus the ten minutes to cook the penne

I don't think there's anything better than pasta for that "throw together" meal. So what are you sending Pam? You still have some time left. Just email your entry to morefromscraps (at) comcast (dot) net and cc me ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com


Pam said...

Looks great!

Kristin said...

This looks delicious! I'm sure you are glad to get back into your round up! Thank you so much for your kind words and guidance on my pasta making adventure!

tigerfish said...

I'm asking myself - where did the week go too? What a wholesome pasta to end the week. :P