Sunday, June 14, 2009

Organic Free Range Eggs

Like many, I thought "really? $3.56 for organic, free range eggs? Almost a dollar more than regular - why bother?" Eggs are eggs, aren't they? Funny, because I always look for organic free-range chickens when I'm planning on cooking. I guess it's just that original sticker shock.

You can't really see how creamy golden these eggs are from the photo, but just the color is enough to change my world view on eggs. And (since I used my trusty calculator) it actually works out to - at most - 6 cents an egg more than the regular.

I won't even go into the health factor. You can check that out here. And all you have to do is google "organic eggs" and you'll come up with a host of gross facts about how regular chickens are kept. I won't link here...way too unappetizing.

Moving along....

That scramble we had yesterday...awesome, just add some fresh herbs (I used oregano & parsley), some sliced mushrooms and (for the carnivores like us) a few slices of pancetta, diced and sauteed until crisp, along with the mushrooms. Add a little freshly ground pepper and you have an amazing breakfast dish.

Definitely worth shelling out an extra nickel!


Pam said...

I agree, once I switched over, I can never go back. Those deep almost orange yolk as compared to the pale yellow yolks from the regular store bought.

Sara said...

I have started buying only organic milk and eggs. The price difference still makes me cringe, but I can't go back on either one.

Ruth Daniels said...

I realized yesterday when I was buying more eggs (true at a high end shop) that actually it was more like $2.75 a dozen more...let's see...that's still less than a quarter more an egg. Sticker shock or're both right...can't go back now.

Kristin said...

We started raising chickens last year, and I was amazed on the color difference of the yokes. We don't feed them with organic feed, but they are free range and kitchen scrap hand fed.

Melissa said...

I feel like it's worth the extra money too. Definitely.

I am planning on making an egg dish tomorrow for dinner but haven't decided quite what yet. Thanks for more delicious inspiration.