Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CIA's New Blog is all about food

Just a short note...The C I A has a new blog...and NO...I don't mean the Central Intelligence Bureau. The Cooking Institute of America is much more forth coming with information - recipes and videos bring chefs right to your kitchen. I've written about their wonderful cookbook and now I get to watch their chefs create the awesome dishes right before my eyes.

Well I missed Mardi Gras this year, but I'm drooling and reminiscing over this Crawfish Etouffee. And I learned something new...crawfish have fat! I guess if you're a Southerner you know that, but here in the North, I've never seen a live crawfish and only tasted their fantastic goodness on a visit to New Orleans years ago. A city that must be revisited and soon!

My plan was to buy some small shrimp as a substitute, but what do I do now? I can't even find crawfish at any local market here in Halifax. Perhaps the video will help me....

Now I guess I'm on a frozen crawfish hunt.

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