Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday NY TImes OnLIne with Jill Santopietro

I've often complained about not being able to recreate our Toronto Sunday mornings....reading the NY Times in bed with freshly brewed coffee. But today, a giant light bulb went off and I realized that reading on line has its benefits.

Everyone knows I love Mark Bittman and his NY TImes Wednesday column, videos and blog, but this post is not about Mark. It's for all of you out there who whine talk about how tiny your kitchen is... You have to watch Jill Santopietro's videos. She's funny, cooks delicious dishes and...all in the tiniest kitchen you've ever seen. This week's on-line Sunday Magazine links to a video for Eggs in Purgatory...the recipe is wonderful, but even better is Jill's explanation of where each of the pork cuts she uses in the dish come from. Seriously...watching will brighten your day.

So no more whining...not about tiny kitchens and not about reading the Sunday NY Times on line.


Ricki said...

The video link appears incorrect. . . I get a blogger addres with "whine" at the end. ;)

Ruth Daniels said...

Ricki, thanks for catching that. I fixed least I hope so.

Ricki said...

Got it! Great video (she's adorable). It took me a minute to realize that her kitchen ENDED on the left (our view) where her fridge was!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Ricki, I know...I'll never complain again.