Friday, February 6, 2009

Date with a Cutie and Simple Soup Supper

Yesterday was my weekly date with the cutest two year old ever. This was during a short break we took to watch Shrek - Grandma needed to rest for a bit. Whenever my grandson comes over, I try to have supper almost ready - or at least prepped before he even gets here in the morning, because once he does, we have way too much fun together to waste any time with me in the kitchen.

By the time Boaz got here, the bread machine was doing its magic with my Scandinavian Light Rye ("light" only in color), because supper was just going to be soup and salad. On Bo Days, as I like to call my day with Boaz, sometimes my daughter and son-in-law come for dinner, some days they have "date night" and pick him up afterwards. It's a flexible thing, so I like to make things that are 1. no fuss to prepare; 2. easy to freeze for another day, if they don't come for dinner; 3. easy to transport, if we take supper over to their place.

Soup was simmering - a very tasty, very easy Curried Sweet Potato Soup with Chicken & Baby Spinach. I put the soup up - meaning peeling and chopping the sweet potatoes, onions and leeks early and pureed the sweet potatoes before he came - he's not so happy with loud whirring noises. The chicken was roasted the day before.

Since the parents weren't coming for dinner and my Honey wasn't that hungry, we didn't even have salad (he said the spinach in the soup constituted salad for him). A very hearty, sweet but with a subtle kick to it soup, accompanied by dense, rich bread with a thin layer of butter...heavenly! segue to Presto Pasta Night #99...Bo had such a tasty lunch, I have to repeat it for myself today....whole wheat tiny macaroni, tossed with a little butter and shredded Parmesan Cheese. He wolfed it all down so quickly, there was not time for a photo...

I promise to have the roundup done by mid afternoon. I still have 9 to add to the list I've been compiling all week, but first I need a yoga break! The pasta dishes look particularly appealing so don't forget to check back here later.

Next week Presto Pasta Night turns 100! I hope everyone out there sends me their favorite pasta dish to share. If you don't have a blog to link to, just email me your recipe and I'll post it for you. Email ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com.


Bellini Valli said...

I always love Boaz stories..he is such a lucky girl. PPN and 100...who would have "thunk" Bellini Ruth.

Glenna said...

Great round-up, Ruth! So many wonderful dishes. I think I definitely need to try the browned butter spaghetti. i love really simple things like that. Yum!

kitchenetta said...

I just love your photos of Bo - such a cute kid. I can't wait til I have grandkids, but right now, marriage is about the farthest thing from my 24-year old's thoughts.