Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Time to Waste - Delicious Moroccan Stew

Last week I discovered this fantastic new store - well it's been open for a year, and I've driven by it umpteen times without realizing it. But someone recently told me about it - fantastic selection of imported Indian, Asian, Indonesian, Thai and Middle Eastern delights. I still have to go back with my camera and give you all a really detailed description of my find.

I was planning on going back this week, but between sickly daughter (Joanna wants to come with me) and poor weather, it looks more like next week, so stay tuned for a photographic tour that will have you drooling.

That said, when I was there I bought these wonderful sun-dried olives (they look like plums here, but they're actually quite small and pack a powerful yet mellow flavor) .

Since then I've been dreaming about doing some kind of lamb stew with my preserved lemons and these olives. Inspired by Gourmet Cash & Carry (that's the name of the store) and a recipe on Moroccan Food, I came up with....

I served it over a bed of mashed sweet potatoes to catch all the lovely sauce. All I can say is...I wish I had made a double batch...we were licking our plates clean!

And dessert was more of yesterday's Dessert Couscous - also inspired by the store - bottles of rosewater and bags of shelled pistachios.

Too bad we're expecting a storm tomorrow, I really need some of their frozen artichoke bottoms. Sigh....I guess that meal will have to wait. (Sicilian artichoke bottoms - stay tuned.)


Netts Nook said...

Where can you find preserved lemons I have never heard of them looks like a great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Mike said...

I should remind you, your good friend Sara (and her sidekick Mike) made homemade preserved lemons. Mike's post is unfortunately gone due to the demise of Clearblogs, but Sara's still lives on.

Ruth Daniels said...

Netts, the recipe for preserved lemons is one of the simplest and best things I've ever tried.

Mike, sorry to hear your post has gone, but I will check Sara's version.

Kevin said...

This stew sounds good. I have been wanting to try preserved lemons.

Ruth Daniels said...

Now that I've started using them, I want them in everything. Try my roasted eggplant with preserved lemons -it's my favorite.