Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Inspired Dessert Couscous with Rose Water & Pistachios

I love Presto Pasta Nights...soon to be 100 and I never get tired of it!

This week's guest host is the fantastic Erin - The Skinny Gourmet (I'm even jealous of the name of her blog). Don't forget to send your fabulous entries to her directly skinnygourmet (at) gmail (dot) com (and cc me too while you're at it ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com). I've already checked out some of the dishes and they're all wonderful, but there was one in particular that inspired my entry. That plus a trip to an amazing shop called Gourmet Cash & Carry, which started out as a wholesaler to Middle Eastern & Indian restaurants and food purveyors. I'll be posting all about it - with photos, later in the week. It's an awesome find here in Halifax.

So here's how my dish came to be....
  • Pam of Sidewalk Shoes made a delightful savory couscous dish. I always love those.
  • At Gourmet Cash & Carry, the manager and I had a discussion about rosewater...did you know that besides flavoring in Baklava and other desserts, it's a remedy for stomach ailments?
  • It's freezing in my place and I was dreaming about a snack of rice pudding.
  • I was catching up on some of the CC's I get for the weekly Presto Pasta Night entries, and lo and behold...Pam showed up!

What sparks your inspirations?


Glenna said...

Ruth That's really lovely!!!

Joanne said...

I try to plan out my weekly menu on thursdays for a weekly friday grocery trip. And I must say that there is probably a correlation between what recipes other bloggers happen to post on wednesday/thursay and what I actually end up cooking!

I've never had pasta for dessert, but the pistachios look like they make this delectable.

So Simple said...

Oh Ruth I don't think I could eat that sweet cous cous
When I was a child I hated those milk puddings. Sago, Tapioca, rice pudding is it like them. I am curious.

katiez said...

I would never have thought of a sweet couscous - what a wonderful idea!