Monday, January 19, 2009

It's 2009 Time to Eat Better

I actually started to write this days ago, but some how life snuck in...still a great find though. I was reading the NY Times the other day and they referred to an older article that seemed worth the read.

Many people resolve to eat better for their new year's resolution, some to lose weight, some to improve health or at least reduce risks to heart disease, cancer, etc., If you're interested in discovering which foods are actually good for you, then read this article - 11 Best foods You Aren't Eating . And I was impressed with myself since I've actually eaten all of them, although not as often as I should. And I did learn some interesting facts.

Beets (first on many a person's hate list)
Did you know that the antioxidant qualities of beets decreases with heating? So rather than roasting (my favorite way to cook them)- although I seem to be alone here when it comes to beets in any form), try grating some into a salad, or tossing into some pasta at the last moment. I bet if I made a spicy Marinara Sauce, my Honey wouldn't even notice. And for the rest of us, imagine the "pretty" factor of tossing some fun pasta shape with olive oil, garlic & herbs and sprinkling some grated beets over it all.

Did you know that cabbage is very high in cancer fighting enzymes? I definitely have to do more than just make my Confetti Coleslaw, delicious as it is, although add some grated beets into it and I'm doubly protected. Grated savoy cabbage in my very flavorful Vietnamese Soup would be tasty.

Swiss Chard
Did you know it protects aging eyes? Actually, ever since my favorite Saturday market stand exposed me to a wide variety of this, I've been hooked. I love it in soups, pasta , baked like these squares or just plain sauteed with olive oil, onions and garlic.

Did you know it's helpful in controlling cholesterol? If you sprinkle some on your coffee, you can be your own barista. Or sprinkle it over your favorite cereal. Obviously, I don't have to mention all the tasty baked good you can create.

Pomegranate Juice
Did you know it lowers blood pressure and is an antioxidant? You can just drink it or add some to a vinaigrette. or marinade.

If you want to know about the other 6 healthiest foods we DON'T eat - or at least not often the article, or get Dr Bowden's book The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Eat and Why

Will you be paying more attention to what you eat this year?


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Big fan of all but never tried pomegranate juice. Never seen it to buy, either, come to think of it. Will keep my eye out!

Ruth Daniels said...

Scott, thanks for dropping by. Even though it sounds exotic - I remember living in Toronto and only being able to find it at Middle Eastern shops. Now it's even on my local grocery shelf.

Joanne said...

Thanks for the article link, at least now I know I'm justified in putting cinnamon on everything :P. I love articles like this because they give you more realistic goals than just saying "totally revamp your diet". It's so much easier to handle saying,"I'm going to eat these 11 foods".

Happy cook said...

A wonderful read. I do love my cinamon.
I am aslo trying to loose weight.
I have beensaying that from the start of New year, till now in vain.
Just came back from groceery shopping and my bags a re full with veg and fruits etc....
I even biught museli and oats.
I thought when i feel like snacking, i hope i can do it.
Will see.

foodiechickie said...

I love Cinammon on cream of wheat and most Middle Eastern dishes call for it. I believe some Mexican as well. And love to eat Pomegranates but not the juice from a bottle. And does canned beets count? Cabbage is yummy in Chinese dishes and also in Dolma.

Ruth Daniels said...

Joanne, I couldn't agree more. It's so much easier (less guilt invoking too) just to eat things that are good for you than stay (or try to) on a diet regime.

Happy Cook, sounds like a great start. Good luck.

Foodiechickie, all wonderful options...except for the beets...canned are cooked, so raw is better. My own opinion is less good is still better than no good at all ;-)