Monday, December 22, 2008

Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potatoes - a Great Combo

My story really begins a few weeks ago. I saw a do something very interesting with kale. So I checked out the few grocery stores in my neighborhood...nothing. Then I checked again a week later...still nothing. Finally, I went to the Saturday Farmers Market, where I should have gone in the first place. I bought a beautiful bunch of kale, but naturally, I didn't remember the recipe. Was is soup? Was is some stir fry? Who knows and I'm sure that one day, when I'm looking for something totally different, I'll find it, and, yet again, I won't be able to find any kale...sigh. I do hate when that happens.

Then today, Heidi of 101 Cookbooks had a very tasty looking Kale Stir Fry (my version left out the chili pepper flakes) and I thought it would work perfectly with the sweet potatoes sitting on my shelf, whining for the last week or so to be cooked along with some chicken breasts I've had for quite some time in the freezer. I saw a fantastic recipe in Bonnie Stern's latest book - Friday Night Dinners (I wrote about it here) and did a little creative version of of my own...BBQ Chicken with Lemon Chipotle Baste.

What do you do when you buy some ingredients for a specific recipe, and then can't find the recipe?

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