Sunday, October 5, 2008

Surprise Guests for Lunch

Yesterday I was visiting Joanna (my daughter) and flipped through one of her favorite books...
Burgers, by Paul Gayler and I definitely will head out this week to pick up a copy for here.

Last night I made these awesome Lebanese-style Kebbe Lamb Burgers served in Pita Pockets slathered with hummus using the freshly ground lamb I got at the market in the morning.

Today, while my Honey, better known as Poppa, and Bo were engrossed in Backyardigans shenanigans, I whipped up another tasty treat from the book and the market. These very tasty Salmon Pesto Burgers were so easy to do, we ate them at lunch with Bo's parents.

I'm a lucky grandma....Bo is sleeping over tonight and spending the day tomorrow, but that means I'll have to wait to do more burgers until later in the week when I can hit the bookstore.

Tomorrow night's dinner with mummy will be Mushroom Crusted, Garlic Prime Rib Roast from my own book, Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories. I used to make it often, now I make it when there's a terrific deal on Prime Rib. Too bad I don't have a decent sized freezer or I'd stock up.

If you had a freezer (lucky are you if you do already), what would you like to stock up on?


Anonymous said...

If I had a large freezer with all that extra space, I would stock up on fresh produce to get me through the winter and local meats. I'm trying to learn how to preserve a bountiful harvest, and freezing things is an easy and convenient way to do so. All that extra space could be used for that and the many bags of strawberries that crowd my small freezer now through the winter. :) I would also take advantage of local meats. We have a grass-fed cattle farm a few miles down the road and would love to buy from them, but for me, it would only make economic sense to buy their beef a whole quarter of beef at a time. I can go as small as a mixed 25 pound box of cuts, but the cost jumps up and that wouldn't even fit. I think I'm the only one in the world who dreams of having a huge chest freezer!

I love your blog- the photos, the ideas it gives me, the fact that it lead me to Presto Pasta, the overall inspiration it gives me. :) I've been following it for awhile and will continue to for so long as I feel inspired to cook new enjoyable and fresh things. :) Thank you!

So Simple said...

Hi Ruth
Love that Bo so cute. I unfortunately own a small freezer would like a bigger one but would have to store it downstairs and I think it would get forgotten. You know how one gets so lazy and it's a drag to walk down the stairs.

Ruth Daniels said...

Vio121, thanks for the kind words...I blush!

Once upon a time, when my girls were young, I had a huge freezer and filled it with wonderful things like you described...quarter of beef cut into so many different ways, berries, bought when in season and frozen for later...and even better...lots of soups, broths, chilis and sauces made in my giant stock pot and packaged for family meals.

Then the girls grew up and the freezer was mostly empty..sigh. So I sold it and the rest is history.

So simple, that huge freezer I had was in the basement and ended up being very lonely...are there no happy mediums for us?

Parker said...

Luckily enough i live close to markets and speciality stores so I am not one for storing much in my freezer. I use to and found things would get freezer burned well before I got to use it. I do however like to have some fall/winter meals on hand in the freezer like chilis, soups, spaghetti sauce, pot pies, and a batch of cookies (although the cookies never seem to last as intended).

Ruth Daniels said...

Parker, I agree...I love to shop and eat fresh, local fare and only want a freezer for stocks and sauces. Like you, cookies never make it to the freezer.

Thanks for dropping by.