Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Bounty at the Market

I love going to the market on Saturday mornings...well, everything except all the other people who also love to go to the market on Saturday mornings. Usually I go without any list, just eyes wide open and, like a moth drawn to a flame, whatever is beautiful ends up in one of my umpteen bags.

This week, I went with a list (so guess how many extra things made it into my bags). I was going to be very focused because Wednesday is my turn to have people over for dinner before the Yom Kippur fast. The meal will be simple, because...well, two, it can't be too highly seasoned since fasting includes no drinking and I don't want everyone to be thirsty; and two, everyone has to eat quickly...less than an hour from walking IN to walking OUT. So for both of those reasons I want to serve dishes that are fresh, and flavorful on their own. And for that I need lots of herbs to give additional punch. After all, I don't want this to be boring or bland just because it shouldn't be too spicy or salty.

Soup will be a roasted vegetable veluto (sounds so much more elegant than puree) inspired by a recipe in one of Ina Garten's books, using a roasted vegetable broth I've borrowed from Fresh at Home

This is the perfect time of year for root vegetables . Check out the lovely mix of purple, yellow and orange carrots I bought. I needed some butternut squash for the stock and my friend Ted of Hutton Farms near Kentville was very helpful. I think I need to do a post with him on all the different kinds of squash and what they're best for...but I digress. The butternut squash that the recipe called for (a great soup squash according to Ted) wasn't really at its peak yet, so Ted suggested the buttercup squash. I'm sure it will be awesome. He's always right.

Two jars of local honey will add heavenly flavors to the challah, the St Tropez chicken and Tunisian-style Date Cake and either spicy pear sorbet or fresh berries & lavender honey syrup for dessert...and of course to dip the freshly picked apples from one of the local orchards in the Valley.

Two dozen eggs from free range, organic chickens fed on grain with flax seeds for the challah and the date cake. to the treats not on the Honey would not be happy if I came home without pain chocolat and croissants from Julien's (even though their store is only a couple of blocks from the house) and some vegetable samosas. I would not be happy if I didn't get some goat cheese from Ran-Cher Acres or fresh ground lamb and gorgeous salmon filets, because we still have to eat 3 or 4 dinners before the holiday. Oh and thank goodness Beverley brings her jellies, et al from Tangled Garden, because I'm running low on basil wine jelly. It's not only awesome slathered on bagels or crackers accompanied by cheeses, it's also excellent as a glace for loaf style cakes.

Now I'm off to munch on some of those pain chocolat...have a great weekend.


Sara said...

Wow, look at all that food! And those carrots are amazing. I love/hate this time of year at the farmers market. Love all the root veggies and squashes, hate knowing the markets almost over and winter is on the way.

Ruth Daniels said...

I know exactly how you feel. Although we're lucky in Halifax, the market does stay open all winter, but probably more than half the farmers stay home.

Patsyk said...

What a beautiful bounty from the market! I still have to come up with our dinner for that night... boy, am I behind in planning this week!

KimdaCook said...

Love those meals I wish we had more markets here in South Africa like you do there so we can have fresh produce.

Ruth Daniels said...

We are truly fortunate here in Canada with our rich and fertile soil across the country.