Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bistros & Brasseries

I grew up in Montreal...a city with a very French flair and awesome food to match. So it's no wonder I loved visiting Paris and can't wait to go back there. The architecture and food reminds me of home, particularly the little cafes that were everywhere and served hearty peasant fare, not to mention all that delicious pastry.

So I was very excited to receive a copy of Bistros & Brasseries and make my own versions of those excellent meals I ate at charming Parisian restaurants. You can read my review and try a few of the recipes and visit Paris without leaving home.

Some of my favorite French food...escargot, crepes, quiche, salade Nicoise, steak frites, creme brulee, list is long. Fortunately, most of my choices are in the book.

When you think of Paris,what foods do you think of?

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Anonymous said...

We went to Paris for the first time in 2006 and absolutely fell in love with the city. Actually, we loved France.

When I think of Paris, I think macaroons, crepes, and almond pastries. Do you see a sweet trend here? All the food was wonderful.