Thursday, July 10, 2008

Salad Dressings for Pasta

I usually think of pasta with one of three kinds of sauces...tomato based, oil & garlic with herbs or cheesy, creamy sauces. So here's a first for me....salad dressing!

The other day I made a delightful Cumin Lime Dressing on our salad...too hot to heat up the stove for anything else. I was reviewing a fantastic cookbook - Grill It! and there was a recipe for a shrimp and avocado salad. Unfortunately I was missing the avocado and the shrimps but we still enjoyed dressing over a simpler salad.

The dressing was so tasty, that I was still thinking about it when I was planning tonight's dinner...some delicious Roasted Cumin Crusted Salmon with Orange Chipotle Butter (it cooled off today) with a side of pasta and I couldn't help but think that the combination of the cumin lime dressing with the pasta would be perfect with the fish ....not to mention that tomorrow is Presto Pasta Night.

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Corinne said...

Mmm, like a non-creamy macaroni salad but ten times classier :)
i love the lime-cumin combo and I will have to try that on pasta for lunch sometime.. Mm!

Dharm said...

I"d never have thought of salad dressing for pasta - but it sounds great!

Patsyk said...

I've been searching for some non-mayo based dressings for pasta salad. This one sounds great!

katiez said...

That looks delish!
I started my post, got sidetracked...Reading blogs...
I'll get it off to you in the morning (my morning)

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks all for leaving comments, I'm usually faster at responding...I guess it really is summer ;-)

Katie, not to worry, I haven't done mine yet either