Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What NOT To Do When Sickly

I'm still recovering from a flu that has me queazy and achy. Weird as it seems, I seem to NEED to eat something to manage. And what could be better than bread? So, even though I have no energy, I decided to use up the latest batch of Boule from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I actually made it to continue on my quest for gorgeous Pain d'Epi. I must admit, it's not quite perfect yet, (top photo) but much closer to the bakery version. Next time I'll make my cuts closer to each other so each bun would be smaller.

But that's not the reason for the post. I decided that, since it really only takes 30 minutes or so to let a loaf rise and another to bake, it's perfect for a sicky. Remember...no laughing...I'm sick!

Check out how deformed my baguette is...YES that long warped thing in the middle is supposed to be a baguette. The one on the left is an olive bread and the olives are supposed to be evenly distributed.

At least they all taste good! Tomorrow I'll be making a light whole wheat dough batch from the book since my angel boy is coming for the day on Thursday. I hope he likes it.

Oh....and the lesson for this post....don't bake if you have no patience.


Katie B. said...

Aw, Ruth! I thought that baguette was a potato! :) Quit baking and go get back in bed!! (But take your tasty bread with you!!)

LisaRene said...

I would consider them "rustic" bread. Much more appealing then the perfectly formed mass produced variety found in the supermarket. Shaping the loaf is easier said then done and I still struggle with it.

Taste IS all that matters and I would happily eat the whole olive loaf all on my own :)