Monday, April 7, 2008

Maple, Maple Everywhere

Last weekend I wrote briefly about my trip to Sugar Moon Farm for my pilgrimage to the greatest elixir of all time....maple syrup.

I bought a copy of The Maple Syrup Cookbook and promised to share a recipe or two. These Crispy Maple Spareribs were uncannily reminiscent of the sweet sugary ribs I grew up on at the Bar B Barn in Montreal. I still try to stop in there when we visit Montreal. Whip up a batch of these finger-licking ribs and you'll find the sweetest things on earth. Although, I must admit these days I like my ribs a bit spicier so next time I'll be using Asian chili sauce instead of the North American sweeter version to heat things up and cut a bit of the sweet...a perfect balance, if you ask me.

Foodtv's Bazaar Blog is running my more indepth article...check it out.


Sharona May said...

Looks good Ruth. I think you can do a rib sauce that is sweet and spicy.

Thanks for sharing,
Sharona May

sassymonkey said...

mmmm Bar B Barn. I'll need this recipe when I move away from Montreal in a couple of months.

Kevin said...

I like the use of the maple syrup in the spare ribs marinade.