Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weekend Cookbook Challenge & Nigella Lawson

I love Weekend Cookbook Challenge, created by Sara (one of my favorite Canadian bloggers) of I Like to Cook. I only wish I could participate more often than I do. This time around Ani, FoodieChickie personified is hosting and the theme is Nigella Lawson, one of my very favorite celeb chefs. Nigella Expressis still on my wish list, but Forever Summerand Feastare used often.

This time around, I decided to go with Forever Summer...given the weather here, I thought some summer, even if only on the table, was the way to go. And, given that I had some goat milk yoghurt leftover from my trip to the market, this dish sounded like the perfect thing to whip up and munch with homemade pita chips while I drooled over all her other recipes....

Cacik (pronounced Jajek)- Turkish Tzatziki - great as a dip and lovely as a salad dressing

After much flipping, I decided on her Black & Blue Steak for BBQ unfortunately, but the pan grill did its job and the steak was tender and delicious. I served it with another old favorite of mine...she calls them Hasselback Potatoes...I just call them Roasted New Potates with Rosemary and eat them even though I shouldn't ...South Beach Diet doesn't like potatoes. I used to make these several times a week...even before I got a the book (I saw her make them on a Foodtv episode....same with the dessert...)

What I didn't serve was another favorite... Anyone who's ever eaten it will know what I mean. Chocohotopots... the best dessert on earth, but not for those looking to diet.

And I couldn't resist sharing another favorite from Feast...St Tropez Chicken...I drool just thinking about it. In fact, I'm marinating it as I write and it will be served tomorrow night for dinner. Who knows, maybe I'll be really bad and make those potatoes again. They're great, by the way, cold with a little vinaigrette.

I wonder what everyone else is going make.


Finla said...

What a feast you have made. I love the chocopot

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you Ruth!! it all looks delicious!


Sara said...

Wow Ruth, that's a pile of dishes you've made! You must get Nigella Express. It's not as good as Feast, but still very good.

Ruth Daniels said...

What's NOT to love about chocopots? I just save them for special "wow" occasions.

As for Nigella's on order ;-)

Thanks for dropping by.