Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Nigella, This Time with an Asian Flair

Earlier this week I shared my Nigella recipes for Weekend Cookbook Challenge. And they are delicious...naturally. But, in flipping through Forever Summer, I found one I hadn't tried before that had my heart beating faster, my mouth watering and I knew I had to make some awesome, finger-licking-good ribs...(I'm always attracted to ribs - the act of using my hands to eat, that extra smile of rib sauce sticking to my face, gnawing on bones a la Henry the VIIIth...pure heaven).

I was tempted to just make the ribs and forget about a balanced meal...and these would be great served the same way you'd serve chicken wings ...watching a game, casual finger food party...or just standing in front of the fridge, stealing a cold one (or more).

In the end I decided to actually make an Asian dinner...very tasty indeed.

Sticky Asian Ribs

Cauli-fried "Rice"
( I just added some soy sauce and sesame oil to the original recipe)
My only regret...why didn't I make more?!!!


Bellini Valli said...

These look finger licking good "Bellini" Ruth :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Ruth! It looks wonderful!