Monday, December 17, 2007

No BBQ Today

Usually a road trip through Quebec means a gastronomic feast in Quebec City, but this time we wanted to beat the storm so we spent 14 hours in the car stopping only for the usual diner breakfast and fast food burger for "lunch" (I use the term loosely because we didn't eat until 4:30 in the afternoon).

The storm in Montreal was quite spectacular...15.75 inches/40 cm of snow, so I'm glad we did what we did. Those snow plows????stuck in driveways and in the middle of the road. Going to walk the dog???snow up to your bum! So no Yangtze egg rolls yet! And, obviously no BBQing either.

We hunkered down at our cousins and spent the day, chatting, watching videos and munching leftovers from Saturday night, frozen pizzas and other delicacies that don't really make a meal but all taste delicious anyway. All in all, a lovely day - mostly, because I was inside with people I love.

What do you do when a storm hits?


Gay Carrillo said...

I had a lovely time in Quebec City and Montreal last year. I enjoyed the food :)

Well, we don't have a snowstorm here in the Philippines but we do have typhoons and thunderstorms. It's a perfect excuse to cook sopas and champorado - a porridge of rice and chocolate.

Psychgrad said...

I spent most of the day cooking/baking/cleaning.

Holler said...

Blooming heck, 14 hours in the care, that would kill me! hope you have recovered!

Marilyn said...

Keep up the good wrok. Merry Christmas!

Ruth Daniels said...

Gay, both cities are fantastic, but much, much more enjoyable without the snowstorm.

Psychgrad...I do like the cooking and baking part ;-)

Holler...don't even get me started and we have another 5 hours tomorrow heading to Toronto.