Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pot Luck Brunch

I guess it all depends on who's invited...but often when you say "Pot Luck" to me, I think lots of 3 bean salads, several versions of hummus and maybe even the day-glow green coleslaw you can pick up in the deli section of your supermarket. Don't get me wrong, they are very tasty occasionally. That said, I personally want to eat something a little more substantial.

So when we were invited to Sharron's friend Jasmine's on Sunday, with no idea as to who or, more important, how many people were coming, I decided to make a couple of fritattas.

One with a Spanish/Portuguese flavor

and the other, vegetarian, had a more Mediterranean taste.

What can I's Wednesday and I'm still thinking about the most glorious spread you can imagine.

Let me just walk you around the table, clockwise....(I was going to try to name all the chefs, but it was too hard a task. All I can say is - every dish was fantastic.)

Bottom left: a bean salad which has smoked paprika in the dressing to give it a wicked yet subtle taste.

You can actually see two small bowls of a warm lentil salad with crumbled cheese - I'm not sure if it was feta or aged goat cheese, but it was lovely and mostly gone by the time I got to that part of the table.

I will tell you that Jasmine (our lovely hostess-with-the-mostess) was at the Farmer's Market on Saturday at 6:45 AM! The early bird catches the worm, you know (and doesn't have to deal with the crowds). Her salad had beautiful mixed greens and an awesome dressing - almond oil is her secret ingredient plus the seared fresh scallops to toss in the salad. You can sort of see them peeking out of the million kinds of greens.

She also picked up the sushi grade salmon, for the sashimi with wasabi and sauce and the smoked fish (I think trout, but not sure).

Blanched tender asparagus spears and herbed goat cheese wrapped in a superb prosciutto in the center.

A potato and caramelized onion tart (I've already asked for the recipe - I think this was my favorite dish).

And just before I get to the awesome baked can see another terrific salad. This one had fresh cherry or grape tomatoes (I don't remember any more, sorry) and fresh herbs.

I made the muffins - Nigella Lawson's Maple Pecan Muffins - not nearly as sweet as you'd think.

Sandwiched between a dark malt & raisin loaf and another...I'm not sure what, but very tasty was Joanna's Onion Stuffed Challah. She made the dough with her bread maker and then did the baking in the oven...she promises to share the recipe too.

What you don't see anywhere are some other muffins, I never got to taste and Jasmine's dad's homemade crepes...with a giant jar of Nutella and some honey for drizzling. A perfect finish!

Thanks Jasmine, for putting together a great pot luck brunch bringing together terrific people...added bonus...all of whom know how to cook!

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Judith in Umbria said...

Can't make up my mind which is more tempting, that glorious feast or the sunny autumn colors. Lucky you. you have both.

Happy cook said...

Agree with judith they all just look delicious.