Saturday, September 29, 2007

Apple Day in Switzerland and Here in Canada Too

Actually Apple Day in Switzerland was September 28th, but Zorra of Kochtopf graciously extended the deadline....phew!

Switzerland is NOT the only place apples are a favorite this time of year. I still have a few left from our apple picking excursion a couple of weeks ago. I thought about making that Polish Apple Tart I've been talking about making, but...I just picked up a new magazine - Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications - Italian, which, I admit, I bought for the gorgeous "Mile-high lasagna pie" that I'm sure I'll be making for a Presto Pasta Night.

While watching an old movie, this afternoon, I flipped through the magazine and found a very similar, yet very different version of the apple cake I made for Yom Kippur. This one has cornmeal in it and the apples PLUS raisins are sauteed in butter, sugar and cinnamon before adding to the cake batter.

What can I say...I have found a new favorite! It's crispy and crunchy on the outside, and absolutely delicious.

You still have a couple of hours...what are you going to make for Apple Day?

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Margot at Coffee & Vanilla said...

Ruth, it looks very tasty! I can smell it here!!! :)

kochtopf said...

Cornmeal and apples a great combination.
Thank you for participating in Apple Day.

Alisha said...

I've never thought of cornmeal and apples but it looks great!

Anonymous said...

wow, swissworld didnt tell me that about switzerland

Ruth Daniels said...

I must admit everyone, I never thought of cornmeal and apples either. But it is delicious. Thanks for dropping by.

Mike said...

Looks really tasty, and like the others, I wouldn't have thought of it. Apple Day has brought out a lot of tasty looking dishes. Haha, I feel like a cop out w/apple pie.