Friday, August 3, 2007

Presto Pasta When the Kitchen is Bare

What do you do when your apartment is empty...

and I don't mean just the fridge!

Naturally you eat out a lot. And naturally for me as host of Presto Pasta Night I had to have some pasta dish to share. We went to a restaurant called Niche with some friends (we've eaten there before and will again I'm sure). Lovely outdoor patio for a hot but breezy evening, live Jazz band in the background, a juicy lobster for my friend (her fourth in four days- but she's heading back to Toronto, so who could blame her) and giant burgers for the guys. I, of course, had some pasta....

Not just any old pasta....Seafood Linguine with a Creamy Pernod and Dill Sauce - lots of mussels, plump scallops, extra large shrimps and chunks of fresh salmon. It was as tasty as it looks.

And I thought I'd share this LazyBones Marinara Sauce recipe. It's from my own cookbook Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories-Recipes that Warm the Heart and is the base for many a pasta (and non-pasta) dish. Nothing could be easier to whip up. I usually make a big batch and freeze 1-2 cup portions for no-fuss cooking even on hot and steamy nights.

Hopefully by next Thursday my kitchen toys and cookbooks (along with all the rest of our stuff) will be neatly arranged in our fantastic new home. I just might be able to whip up something special and if not....the big decision will be which restaurant to check out.

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