Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tall Ships, Jazz Festival and People Watching

Friday was a glorious day in Halifax and I met up with my Honey to check out a potential apartment (no luck) and while we were at it....The Tall Ships (sailing ships from around the world congregate in Nova Scotia every five years) were in Halifax last weekend and naturally we had to check out the fun. If you're in Nova Scotia, or planning a visit before July 25th, check out the schedule. The ships travel from port to port.

Here's my dilemma - I love festivals, but I hate crowds. So we went Friday afternoon before things got too crazy. We missed the actual parade of ships in full sail, but we did get to wander around the waterfront. Lots of buskers, a mini amusement park for kids, two sound stages with great bands and, of course...food.

Booths lined the waterfront...Chinese food, hot dogs & fries, crepes, ice cream...just to name a few and naturally the restaurants with their great patios for relaxing with a beer and a bite are perfect for people watching. I really wanted the lobster club sandwich at one bistro by the water, but it was packed.

So we decided to walk up to the Jazz Festival on Spring Garden Road, only to discover we were at least 3 hours too early (it was Day One, so we all have a chance to catch some great sounds before July 21).

At this point, we were really hot and thirsty and hungry. After walking over to one of my favorite restaurant streets - Argyle (in case you're planning on a visit to Halifax) to have some local beer and something light but lobstery (I'm still having visions of the lobster club) on a patio. We've been to the Economy Shoe Shop and Opa and others and any one would do.

Again...no tables, so we strolled back along Barrington Street (more restaurants, shops and hotels) to Niche Lounge and lucked into a table with an umbrella and specials....2 appetizers for the price of one...I had crispy calamari rings in a very light batter and a bowl of delicious mussels steamed in white wine and garlic. My Honey had a great burger and then came the 2 for one special on local beer. Honey had some Propeller Craft Ale (I don't remember which) and I enjoyed a Keith's Light . The Keith Brewery is where the farmer's market is on Saturday mornings and it still is an active brewery during the week.

All in all, Friday was a great way to start the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds so lovely. Living in Ontario, the thought of a lobster club sandwich - a REAL one - just makes me so hungry. And knowing that the best way for that craving to be fulfilled is to get out of the province!

We were just thinking about doing an impromptu trip somewhere by train this summer during our holidays (my husband saw a VIA summer deal where kids under 12 ride free). Quebec City is on the "possible" list, along with PEI. But I think we need to add Halifax to the list, too.


Katie Zeller said...

I would love to see the tall ships!
And I love little festivals!
There just aren't very many in our little area. Sounds like a lovely day... esp. the mussels...