Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shrimp & Italian Sausage Marinara for Presto Pasta Night #20

I want all my South Beach Diet friends to forgive me for this week. While many of the pastas are South Beach friendly, I don't think you're supposed to actually eat pasta every single night of the week. That said...this is week 20 of Presto Pasta Nights and I am very excited that it's been such a hit!!! Thanks to all of you fine chefs who've contributed brilliant dishes and to those of you who haven't done so yet, but continue to check it out. What are you waiting for!!?!!

So here's what we ate last night....

Shrimp & Italian Sausage Marinara.

The Marinara is actually my own Lazybones Marinara version but with a twist - I hid eggplant and mushrooms in the sauce so my family wouldn't notice....shhhhh. The basic recipe is also in my cookbook - Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories, Recipes to Warm the Heart (every once in a while I feel the need to mention it).

Stay tuned for tomorrow night's special. What are you doing to help celebrate 20 weeks of PPN?

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Deborah said...

Wow - this has me craving pasta before 9am!! This sounds like the perfect combo, and I WILL be making this soon!!

The Cooking Ninja said...

wow! that certainly looks delicious. 2 main ingredients that my better half loves. I'm hungry already.

katiez said...

I love the shrimp and sausage together. Reminds me of paella!
And the photo - I can almost taste it!

Ruth Daniels said...

Glad you all liked the dish as much as we did. It's one of the simplest ones I know and it never fails to please.

Don't forget to check back here on Friday for the Presto Pasta Night Roundup.