Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rainy Day Saturdays

It was a damp and rainy Saturday afternoon, but it was perfect. "Right" you say! But what could be better than to be able to pick up the latest issues of some of my favorite food magazines at my favorite magazine shop in Halifax - The Atlantic News - as good as any I've been to in Toronto or Montreal. No matter what your pleasure - travel, politics, fishing, knitting, business.....and a HUGE selection of foodie magazines naturally, they've got something for you - I promise.

Today I bought La Cucina Italiana - the shrimp pasta on the cover called to me (yelled actually); Donna Hay Magazine-issue 30because no one has better food photography and I love her simple dishes (actually issue 31 on the website looks awesome -three-cheese and caramelised beetroot pasta); BBC Olive (I always love it, and this time while flipping I happened on the linguine with peas and mint pesto - how could I resist?!); Cook's Illustrated always has awesome tips and incredibly valuable advise when shopping for kitchen toys (this month it's garlic presses); Gourmet Magazine - burgers on the cover, lobster scallops & mussels with tomato garlic vinaigrette, cherry double chocolate cookies....what can I say; Bon Appetit - worth it just for the cover alone (and all things barbecued inside, of course). Last, but definitely not least - not by a long shot - is Saveur with the most exquisite avocado on the cover. Between the avocado recipes and the article on New England's clam shacks (with recipes, naturally) it wins hands down!

Before heading home we stopped to pick up a baguette and some lovely cheeses - soft goat cheese I rolled in Italian herbs, some Oka (my Honey's favorite) and Havarti. The Oka is a little strong smelling, the Havarti is rich and buttery and the goat cheese is slightly salty. It's one of my favorite cheese trios.

Finally - home at last with our magazines (my Honey bought some of his own faves too), we drank a little white wine, popped in the Moonlighting DVD - Seasons 1 & 2 (I'm hooked, what can I say), munched away on bread and cheese while flipping through glorious food magazines. Life is very, very good! And I've found at least 3 new recipes for Presto Pasta Night.

What do you do on a rainy Saturday? I'd love to hear.

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Truffle said...

Sounds absolutely heavenly! I'm envious :)

abby said...

hi ruth, your rainy day sounds similar to my dream rainy day - just add a glass of wine! sadly this week, while london (and much of the uk!) floods i'm stuck with diy tasks that need completing before i can reward myself with a read through my favourite foodie mags.