Friday, June 15, 2007

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #16

It's week 16 here at Presto Pasta Nights and most people have been experiencing a heat wave, so there are lots of pasta salad choices. I, on the other hand, still need hot and steamy comfort dishes. So glad they came too!

Nora of Life's Smorgasbord is back with a surprise twist to Spinach & Ricotta Canelloni. You'll have to check it out to find out the secret.

I accidentally happened on Teh Culinary Skillz and discovered a Presto Pasta Night dish....Fettucine Alfredo. So for all those out there, who have a great PPN dish, don't forget to follow these simple "how to's", because I don't want to miss any of them.

Joey of 80 Breakfasts and his brilliant partner C came up with this awesome Scallop & Bacon Arrabiata. It's wonderful how inventive (and deliciously so) a dish 2 different ideas can produce.

Kevin of Closet Cooking is back. This time with a really innovative dish - Chicken Mole (my favorite Mexican dish) Fettucine. What a wild combo!

First time PPNer Christine of Chronicles of a Fledgling Home Cook recreated her DB's favorite restaurant dish - Gemelli with Smoked & Grilled Chicken. Looks great

Katie of Thyme for Cooking is back with a terrific version of Tuna Pasta Salad plus a great post taking us through the last 30 years of tuna salad making. Personally - I like this one best!

Rosa Jackson is a newbie blogger with a lovely writing style - and if you've read my posts you know that pesto is one of my favorite condiments. I use it on everything. So how fortunate am I (are WE) to have her version of Pate au Pistou with some secrets to the pistou (French version of Pesto).

Dayna of Vegan Visitor was thinking about doing some cool (literally, since it's so hot in Toronto) pasta salad. Instead she ended up making this light and luscious looking Herb Ricotta Ravioli.

Shaun of Winter Skies, Kitchen Aglow has been meaning to join in Presto Pasta Night fun for a while and he shares this version of Jamie Oliver's Chickpea Pasta Soup. Although he found it bland, I think just by adding some fresh herb and a hit of red chili pepper flakes, it would become a thing of beauty. What would you do to jazz it up?

Myriam of Once Upon a Tart is also very hot, so instead of heavy creamy pasta she shares this lovely Puntalette Salad with Watermelon and Goat Cheese. It looks lovely.

Sher, of What did You Eat, and a fabulous PPN regular shares this terrific Chicken Couscous Salad with Dried Fruit, which is perfect for the 100 degree weather she's having.

Tigerfish of Teczcape is back, but she wasn't sure this one counted. My response..."Are you kidding?! It looks fantastic". One of the things I love about pasta is how versatile it is and how creative we can be with leftovers. This Soba & Meatballs is an excellent example.

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen is back too. She made this Ultimate Mac & Cheese that would be perfect for our little cold spell.

Abby of Eat the Right Stuff is back with a great idea. We've all done leftover dishes, but usually it's one left over at a time. This "fridgebottom lasagna" takes things to another level and sounds delicious.

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein has boys who love pasta, and we are grateful! This Tortelloni Salad with Ricotta is perfect for those hot nights everyone but me seems to be experiencing.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything is back too. She not only shares this lip-smacking, mouth-watering Spaghetti Con Salsiccia (spaghetti with sausages - but it sounds even better in Italian), we also get a new toy to play with.

Deborah, the Humble Housewife from Ireland shatters a couple of myths plus gives us two extra-ordinary Smoked Salmon Pastas.

Rebeca at Dinner in the Yellow House does amazing things with garlic in this Fettuccine & Pancetta dish.

And from me...well, it's a short but sad pasta made this week, but I did decide to share a family favorite with you...Farfalle with Winter Greens and Pancetta.

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe joins us for the first time - first of many, I hope. Tonight she brings an inventive pasta based on borscht. She calls is Red Russian Pasta. Check out the secret ingredient.

Shirley of Melting Wok hasn't visited PPN for a month or so, but she's back with a fantastic Rice Vermicelli with Dried Scallop Sauce. Check out how many ways you can cook rice vermicelli. Certainly, it has to be the most versatile noodle around.

I will continue to add submissions until Saturday . After that, I will add them to next week's PPN Event. So don't forget to join in with the rest of us Presto Pasta Nighters. It's easy and fun. Remember that ALL noodles dishes count as pasta and "presto" (ready) or "lento" (slow) are perfect. Find out how right here. In the meantime...Happy Pasta Eating!!!


Katie Zeller said...

Another great week of pasta!
There are a few there I'm going to try. Some have to wait for winter cooking - but I know where to come!
I'm so glad you liked my salad :-)

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous round-up! I'm sorry I missed this week ... hoping to get something good made for this Friday.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent round up. That pasta looks amazing and I plan to try several of them. Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

Your page is making me drool all over the computer! I am a pasta enthusiast myself and you have some great ideas. I work with Bon Appetit and we have a sweepstakes where we'll fly you out to NYC where you can meet and dine with the editors as well as tour the sets and kitchens of your favorite Food Network shows. Its a great opprotunity for a foodie such as yourself. Here's the link • . I cant wait to try some of your recipes!

Ruth Daniels said...

Katiez, I do love the fact that we get both wintery & summery pastas at one go. Even though it's supposed to be summer, we get many cold days in Nova Scotia.

Alisha, we missed you and can't wait for your next entry.

Nicole, thanks & thanks

Tanya, I'd love to go to NYC, but it looks like it's only open to Americans - PITY!