Thursday, June 14, 2007

No Pasta For Presto Pasta - What's a Host to Do?

I know, I's unbelievable but true. I didn't make one pasta dish this week. Pretty pathetic for the Host of Presto Pasta Nights! So my daughter told me to go to her favorite pasta restaurant in Halifax - Tomasino's. She was absolutely right! I had Shrimp and Chicken Fra Diavolo, jumbo shrimp and large chicken chunks and tortellini with a wickedly rich and peppery cream sauce. It was excellent. The one thing my daughter did not tell me, was how dark it was...very romantic with little lights like stars and small candles on each table...but way too dark to take a photo. So, no homemade pasta, no photos of the delicious pasta I thought I'd share vicariously with you. What's a host to do?

Well, I can always share an old family favorite pasta dish hope you'll like it.

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Truffle said...

This sounds like a fantastic dish! No pasta this week for me either but I'm looking forward to the round up to get inspiration for next week!