Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Life is Better than Great

Things are very exciting around here. First of all, Spring has finally arrived here in Halifax.

My very cute grandson is doing some fun things. That's him in his "New York Attitude" shirt with his mummy and daddy just back from the Big Apple. I, of course, am a bit jealous, mostly of all the great food I hear mom & dad had.
Presto Pasta Nights is a hit, thanks to so many great pasta makers out there - don't forget to join in the fun this week.

Once Upon a Feast was added to Blogs of Note last week - very cool and thanks to whoever decided that.
I've also started to write for Foodtv.ca's blog - Food for Thought. This time around it's about the Apple Blossom Festival this past weekend in the Annapolis Valley. I'll be sharing lots of my Nova Scotia food experiences over there as well as right here, of course. I've always enjoyed watching foodtv's stars and finding great recipes on their website, so I feel terrific to be part of their blogging team.

But enough about me...


Mahek said...

remember me????
Its always so nice to see your cute little grandson on the blog I visit and check out regularly.
write to me

traveller one said...

Hi Ruth!
I love your blog! (especially the post on the Annapolis Valley). See... I am a Canadian living abroad in the weird but wonderful country of Albania. However, 1.5 years ago I bought a home in the valley in NS and go back there as often as I can. Hopefully that will be where I retire one day. So please, keep on sharing the food stuff from NS-- it makes me happy!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice picture!

I'm sorry not to have participated to your "Presto Pasta Nights" lately. Strangely, I didn't cook many pasta dishes and most of them were of no interest. But I promise that I'll post another recipe soon (next week, perhaps)...

Ruth Daniels said...

Mahek, of course I remember you. Life here is a little crazy - no order yet, but I will write soon.

Kim, I'm happy to oblige about sharing NS food and travels.

Rosa, we're ready for you whenever you choose to share.

Thanks all of you for dropping by.