Friday, June 1, 2007

BBQ Lime & Jalapeno Salmon

I realize that all (or most, anyway) of my salmon dishes look exactly the same. If I lost one photo and substituted another, you probably wouldn't notice. Especially since I'm still not in my groove when it comes to digging through my favorite cookbooks...or at least having them behind me on my bookcase. They're all still packed. Hmmm...sounds like an opportunity to buy a new one.

Hopefully, you've not grown tired of all the salmon dishes I've prepared lately. There have been a bunch and you might be wondering why there isn't more variety in my meals. I do make other things, but, although I've always been a fan of salmon, it's so much sweeter, so much better when you really do get it locally - and, after all, this is Atlantic Salmon and I'm now a Haligonian. If I were any closer to the Atlantic, I'd be standing in it.

Anyway, as usual, I digress....even though this LOOKS like all the other salmon dishes, it's not. The jalapeno and lime zest add such a wonderful color and heat to the dish. You'd swear you were somewhere south and festive when you eat it. So, even if you're not living on the Atlantic Coast...enjoy!

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Katie Zeller said...

We eat a lot of salmon, too. And all of the photos do tend to look alike. But it's sooo good!
I like the nice bed of spinach.

Unknown said...

Looks great-will have to try it.

aamesrawkz said...

this blog makes me want to eat