Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Presto Pasta with REAL Pasta - BBQ Spaghetti Diablo

Finally, I can actually write a post for Presto Pasta Night that, in fact, has pasta in it. We've finally moved on to South Beach Diet, Phase Two, so as long as the pasta is mult-grain or whole wheat, I can serve it without any pangs of guilt.

One of my favorite foods in the world is lobster, and we are not only living in lobster territory, it's lobster season here in Nova Scotia. But my daughter keeps a kosher-style home (no shellfish or pork) so I'm eating it out, which is perfectly fine. And somehow, I've been dreaming of this great Italian restaurant in Toronto - a bit upscale, so we only ate there on special occasions. I'd only order the Seafood Diablo which had tons of shrimp, scallops and the other usual suspects in a great seafood dish. The really special extra was half a grilled lobster resting beautifully on top of the pasta. (Okay, I've been obsessively trying to remember the name of the restaurant and doing every kind of google search I could think of and...NOTHING!). So let's move on....

Just because I can't cook shellfish does not mean I can't make a Diablo, which really just means spicy, after all. And I just bought the cutest eggplants, have some asparagus spears standing at attention in some water and some Italian-style turkey sausages that need to be used. So I created this Spaghetti Diablo - BBQ style. It's got the heat, and the delicious char factor too.

I do love it when different cravings come together so well in one dish. What are you making for Presto Pasta Night this week? Remember that ALL noodles dishes count as pasta and "presto" or "lento" (I think that means slow) are perfect. Find out how right here. In the meantime...Happy Pasta Eating and think of me when you do!!!


Joe said...

Wow does this pasta sound fantastic - especially since we love spicy food!

Cyndi said...

Now I'm not a fan of eggplant at all, but I bet zucchini would be good in this recipe! Sounds yummy!

Ruth Daniels said...

Joe, the neat thing about this dish is you can make it as spicy (or not) as you like.

Cyndi, zucchini would be great too. Although, I'm the opposite of you - zucchini's not my fave.

Thanks both of you for dropping by.

Alisha said...

Oh I love this! Lots of veggies and spice. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Presto pasta looks nice to eat
you made me hungery going for something to eat now johnC

Ruth Daniels said...

Alisha, there is something wonderful when you add spice to anything.

John, these roundups always make me hungry. Thanks for dropping by.