Monday, May 7, 2007

Cod Cheeks & Radish Greens

Last night's dinner was our first foray into really local fare. I've been saying I had to try cod cheeks for a while now. I even found a blog called Cod Cheeks, when looking for recipes. She has some amazing links, if you're interested.

So...cod cheeks are exactly that...firm fish from the cheeks of cod fish. They have a similar texture to scallops (in other words, firmer than the rest of the cod which is flaky and bony). So you can cook them in the same way you would do shrimp or scallops. I chose to quickly sautee them in white wine and lemon juice. Pretty good actually. My Honey (sometimes fish finicky) actually said he'd eat them again. So there you go!

I served them with some interesting greens I found at the market (I still don't know what they're called, but they taste like baby radishes). So dinner was quite lovely...AND South Beach Dietfriendly, too.


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