Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Adventures on the Bedford Highway

Well maybe it's not exactly an adventure. And surely exploring new places is always much more fun when you share it with someone else. But my Honey is working and the rest of the family is taking a road trip. So I took Me, Myself and I to find the International Fish Market and hopefully to find a good lobster roll for lunch. The trip didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would. And, big surprise to me, I didn't get lost either!

View of the Bedford Basin from the Bedford Highway. The basin is the largest part of Halifax's natural harbour, which is reported to be the second largest ice-free harbour in the world. It certainly looked serene for such a busy port.

Bedford Basin -Too bad I couldn't stop to take a better picture of the lobster traps bobbing about in the water. Plus, for this shot, I really was focusing on a group of birds floating on the water. I WILL get the hang of taking outdoor shots! It's to be my summer project.

The International Fisherman's Market-I'm not sure what I was expecting. Not true, I was expecting to find boats and fishermen loading and unloading their bounty while seagulls squaked overhead. Instead there was a lovely store with fresh, smoked and frozen fish and seafood. I bought some fresh Atlantic salmon and I'll grill it on a cedar plank for dinner. This just means another adventure to find the fishermen!

Lunch.....It was suggested by the good folks at the fish market that the Esquire Restaurant, noted for their chowder and "just up the road a piece", would be the best place around for a lobster sandwich. (Although they did look at me kind of funny. I guess only tourists would want to waste a good lobster in a sandwich.) The restaurant was obviously a favorite local haunt. It was packed with locals at noon on a Tuesday. They had all my preferred diner fare - liver and onions, hot hamburgers and hot chicken sandwiches, club sandwiches, etc...but I was on a lobster hunt.

Naturally I had to try the lobster chowder (since chowder is a specialty of the house - it says so on the sign outside) which was so thick you could really stand your spoon up and leave it in the center of the bowl. The chowder was filled with lots of lobster bits and chunks - no potato filler with a hint of lobster here! Very tasty.

I really did think the Deluxe Lobster Sandwich at $12.49 sounded a little steep. But once it came to the table I understood why. Lots and lots of nothing but lobster meat with a little bit of mayo and some sweet pickles on the side....heavenly!

That's it for my first little solo adventure. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Sara said...

I am enjoying all these posts Ruth! Looks like you are enjoying your new digs.