Friday, March 9, 2007

Mushroom Strogonov for Presto Pasta Night #2

It's hard to believe from reading the last few posts, but I really do cook other than pasta around here. It's just been hard actually writing anything at all, what with everything that's going on...mostly spending as much time as I can with my daughter, hearing all about Chile and seeing the photos from 16 months of travelling. We will be writing a post soon about all the great Chilean food she ate. I won't have recipes, but I will have some mouthwatering photos and descriptions.

But, I digress. It's Presto Pasta Night - you can get into the act for next week and I've finally made that awesome mushroom dish I've been hinting at all week.

Mushroom Strogonov

adapted from a great find that my cousin gave me...A Taste of Heaven & Earth. The flavors of this dish are so unique that I knew I would find either unbelievably delicious or unbelievably gross. We licked the bowl clean and I'm still drooling, so what do you think?

When I think Strogonov, I think Russian cream sauce, with lots of sour cream. And there is sour cream in this recipe, but there's also an awesome cashew ginger sauce that's very Asian. You just have to try it!

So check back a little later for the Presto Pasta Roundup #2 to see what everyone comes up with and Happy Pasta Cooking !

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