Thursday, November 23, 2006

Moroccan Style Shepherd's Pie

Last week I missed out on Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blogging, so this week I thought I’d enter twice. Haalo of Cook Almost Anything Once is hosting. Yesterday I shared a great recipe for spinach crepes and honored thyme. Today it’s parsley that takes herb stage but really it’s about the spices. A while ago I shared a recipe for Allison’s Moroccan-style lamb stew using her amazing Ras El Hanout blend of spices. I can still taste it and am transported to a Shuk somewhere in Morocco every time. I’ve been wondering what to do with the rest of the tin. So let me walk you through my discovery….

It’s been cold and gloomy (although today is sunny) and I’ve been craving Shepherd’s Pie…basically meat loaf with loads of mashed potatoes (with butter & cream) on top, but we’re doing well on the South Beach Diet and with holidays approaching, I’m really trying to save myself for parties. So no mashed potatoes for me! …and then it hit me…What if I made a Moroccan version using some Ras El Hanout and topped it with sweet potatoes? It was going to turn out one of two ways – absolutely disgusting or awesome and, I’m happy to report it will definitely grace our table again. So without further ado…

If you really like Shepherd's Pie, but are staying away from potatoes, here's another version I've created...just top this Persian style meatloaf (it's got added oomph with chickpeas and termeric)and top it with some mashed roasted cauliflower. Who says dieting has to be boring!?!

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Sara said...

Ruth, that looks so good, I wish I could go home and make it now. I love your idea for using cauliflower instead of potatos for the topping. I love mashed cauliflower almost as mush as I love shepard's pie.

Kalyn said...

Both these ideas sound grat to me. I just got a good recipe for sweet potatoes at the Thanksgiving dinner where I went, Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Lime so I'll be trying that out soon. (After I get through doing a few days of phase 1.5 for a little diet tune-up, LOL.)

Kalyn said...

After I hit publish I relized you might have missed me talking about phase 1.5 on the blog. That's what Rand and I call it when you're trying to lose a few pounds, but aren't quite committed to doing phase one completely. (We are inventing our own diet I guess but it works.)

Ruth said...

Sara, before South Beach, I only did cauliflower tow ways - steamed with butter & baked with bread crumb crust. Now I have a million options and each is delicious.

Kalyn, the sweet potatoes with ginger and lime sound awesome and I know exactly what you mean about 1.5...we're doing some of that ourselves.

Thanks for dropping by.