Monday, October 9, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging Roundup

The Great WHB Roundup - 15 Great Entries for all of us to share.

The first is from Anna at Anna's Cool Finds who made this wonderful lamb & dill soup...She lives in California but it's perfect for the cold weather we're having here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I always cook with herbs, so it's hard to choose just one for Weekend Herb Blogging. There's the

roasted cauliflower with rosemary and sage (my new fave herb)

and the wide variety of dishes at the break fast menu most having lots of herbs, like this salad

or these pears poached in sweet red wine and some fresh mint sprinkled on top for color.

Kalyn may be away, but she took time to send in this great Thai chicken recipe. She's going to be featuring cilantro all month. How wonderful is that!

Gattina sent this wonderful recipe for Baked Stuffed Pearl Onions. Aren't they the cutest things ever?!

Chrispy at Experimentation of taste tried parsley in these Lemon Horseradish Fish Cakes which sound very tasty and gives lots of other uses for the herb.

Neil at Tankeduptaco had a very rough day but still managed a very informative post on corn. I learned some pretty interesting facts....I'm sure you will too.

Sue at Coffeepot created this delicious meatball stroganoff with lots of thyme and bay leaves and fennel.

Shaheen from Malabar Spices always teaches me something new. This time around it's bittergourd curry with yoghurt. Apparently one loves it or hates it. I'll have to find some and test which group I belong to.

Sher at What Did You Eat has been feeling poorly. Even so, she's created some delicious looking soups and these French Quarter Potatoes the star of which -Turkish Bay Leaves give it a sublte flavor. Too bad she can't taste it, but I'm sure we'll love it. Get better soon!

Haalo of Cook Almost Anything At Least Once used last week's winning herb - cilantro with her favorite fingerling potatoes to come up with this curry. Looks like a winnner to me.

Genie at Inadvertent Gardener shares a wonderful, dish of comfort food par excellence - gnocci with swiss chard from her friend's garden...and lucky she is to have a friend with such a green thumb.

Anna of Morsels & Musings offers up many herb ideas but decided on fennel this time around. Check out the delicious Blood Orange, Fennel and Olive Salad and Margherita Pizza with basil - my favorite herb even if it only came in second last week big WHB voting extravaganza.

Barku at Almost Turkish, found a great use for parsley and stale bread. I can't imagine a more delicious breakfast treat.

Pookah at Swank Catering sent us this "stick to your ribs" (as my father would call it) Pasta E Figioli - pasta and bean soup. It's loaded with sage and rosemary and perfect for our brisk Fall weather.

SurfinDaav may have been tied up with jury duty, but still managed to come up with this breakfast pizza-like dish. Pretty terrific if you ask me.

It's been great fun hosting and you can check who the upcoming WHB hosts will be right here. Next week it's Sher's turn at What Did You Eat? You can send her an email with your details at: rdfern AT sbcglobal DOT net

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Anna said...

excellent round-up. thanks for being the host. hope it wasn't too much torture over your weekend :P

Kalyn said...

Great job. Another collection of wonderful sounding recipes. Thanks again for hosting, especially when you were having a busy weekend yourself.

Ruth said...

Actually ladies, I just kept adding entries as they came in, so I only had to do a little bit this weekend.

It was all fun!

Genie said...

Thanks for a great round-up, Ruth! I can't wait to check some of these out. Great stuff!

The Inadvertent Gardener

paz said...

Great lineup! I enjoy the WHB posts always! Thanks, Ruth, for hosting!


Anonymous said...

Great job. Wish these could all be categorised and printed..

Ruth said...

Thanks all, for dropping by and sharing in the fun.

I too, love WHB and it was a pleasure to do the roundup.

Shaheen, I guess the closest we'll come to categorizing is at Kalyn's Kitchen!

coffeepot said...

Ruth,Great line up. Now I hope I have time to read them all.

I love the way you put all the pics up.

gattina said...

your recap is wonderful! Thanks for writing my entry such a nice intro.
And today I'm gonna make your roasted cauliflower for lunch :D

Mae said...

What an excellent round up Ruth. You've done a great job :-)

Now i have to go visit them!