Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chicken & Asparagus Frittata for South Beach

This isn’t the first frittata I’ve written about. It’s not even the second. I find them to be a perfect lunch/brunch dish. I love it all by itself or part of a buffet. I love that I can use leftover pasta or crunchy salads in a very different format. And I especially love it when I have to do some South Beach Diet regrouping.

I always get excited when I get start to prep for the frittata. I stand in front of the fridge, take out the eggs and then think about the tastes I want....goat cheese?....shredded Emmentaler? ... Parmigiana?.... today's option was feta. I buy a lite version which is drier and perfect for crumbling. It's also lower in calories and often my choice when I'm "SBD regrouping" - my euphemism for going back to Phase One. Then I think about the fillings....do I want mellow or sharp or salty or kind of sweet....decisions, decisions. Usually, I end up with what hits my eye first. This time it was the skinny young asparagus standing in container with some water to keep them fresh longer. The blackened chicken from Bruno's is perfect for wraps, and today - frittatas. I'm still not satisfied so the cremini mushrooms that look like if I don't use them soon will end up in the recycle bin. Now for the herbs, because in my house, herbs are stars. They make the ordinary - extraordinary. Fresh oregano?....cilantro?.....parsley?......how about forgetting the handful of herbs. Today I decided on some homemade pesto.
So without further ado….today’s special –


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Kalyn said...

I want some!

Sara said...

Ok Ruth stop it! You are making me hungry and lunch is still 1 1/2 hours away! I just wrote about frittatas on my blog. I've only made 2 kinds before but I want to try yours right away.