Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Corn on the Cob - South Beach Style an Occasional Treat

It's corn season and I love it, but it's one of those foods you can only eat sparingly on the South Beach Diet. That's because there is a lot of sugar in the corn (they don't call it "Sweet" corn for nothing), but Dr Agatston does say that "acidic foods such as lemons, limes and vinegar slows the speed with which your stomach empties, thereby cutting back on the rise in blood sugar....anything that slows the process by which you process the sugar in carbs is by definition good." So for those of you who love corn as much as I do here's an alternative for you that you can enjoy - all be it sparingly in Phase 2 and 3.

Corn on the Cob with Cajun Spices & Lime Juice

After boiling the corn for 5-10 minutes, drain and serve on a plate with lime halves and some Cajun or Jerk spices you press the lime into (cut side down) and squeeze over the corn. No butter is necessary for this treat.

This week Kalyn is hosting Weekend Herb Blogging herself over at Kalyn's Kitchen. She's my South Beach hero, so I wonder what she has to say about this dish. Just remember everything is okay once in a while and in moderation.

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Kalyn said...

Hi Ruth,
Corn is something I've only eaten a few times since I've been eating the SB way, but you're right that this is a good way to eat it. I have two little books where you look up foods for the Glycemic Index and one calls corn "medium" (surprises me) and the SB guide calls it "very limited". So you are exactly right when you call this an occasional treat.

I do believe strongly in occasional treats. That's one thing that helps you stick with the diet long term, which you have to do with any weight loss plan to get it to work. so, enjoy your corn.

Mae said...

Spice rub and lime on a corn sounds very interesting! I've never tried anything like this. Sweet, hot and sour. I like it!

funwithyourfood said...

have you ever had roasted corn? It is delish. I highly suggest it!


Ruth said...

Kalyn, thanks for the info. I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.

Mae, it is delicious. I hardly miss the butter.

Teddy, I tried roasting corn once, but wasn't very successful. Perhaps I'll give it a try.

Thanks all for dropping by.

Paz said...

I love corn and this recipe. Gotta go find some Cajun or Jerk spice. I don't have any of that. Interesting to know what the lemons, limes, and vinegar do... Cool!


neil said...

I had a friend who lived in Guatemala for a while and showed me the lime juice and salt trick, never thought of adding spice though. Will definitely try this.

Dianne said...

Hi Ruth

I've gotta have some of this! Not exactly on the South Beach Diet, but I am interested in it ... never seen a diet before that lets you eat such interesting food. These corncobs look like they are going to be on my plate sometime soon!


J said...

hi ruth, i adore corn too...and can only imagine how all that lovely natural sweetness must taste spiked with cajun spices and lime - super yummy!