Friday, May 26, 2006

Last Sugar High Friday Gingery Treat - Honest

I can't believe how obsessed I am with gingery desserts....especially since I'm trying to stick to the South Beach Diet. But I couldn't resist one last entry - I swear! In fact the only kitchen work I'll be doing this weekend is to prepare 15 pounds/6.8 kg of roast beef for the monthly Fife House Community Dinner I volunteer for. But I digress, as usual.

Anyway, I found a recipe (without ginger) in Nigella Lawson's Feastthat sounded wonderful. So naturally I had to try it out. Even though I'd already made a few desserts for Sugar High Friday. And naturally, I had to make a few changes - like using Earl Grey tea instead of regular to macerate the fruit.

So I WON'T be making Valli Little's lime & ginger crem brulee - featured on the cover of the latest magazine purchase - Delicious Magazine - Volume 3 Issue 3 (which isn't the one you see when you follow the link) - another digression.....Delicious Magazine (for those of you not familiar) is from Australia, is upside down for us in North America and Europe, meaning that the magazine I have in front of me is preparing for Fall rather than Spring. It's filled with canning ideas and late season picnics on the beach (photos of which look so wonderful I want to head right over). Anyway, you're on your own for the recipe - at least for now. I'm afraid that after this weekend's binging on gingery goodies, my honey and I will be back to jello and ricotta desserts for a while.

This is the last reminder for you to enter your favorite ginger desserts for Sugar High Friday event...deadline is Sunday, May 28th. I've received 25 so far and they're fabulous!!! Just send me an email (ruth AT 4everykitchen DOT com) with your link and I'll include it in the roundup on Monday.


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Ramya said...

Wow!Gingery treat all the week.I think that you would have interesting round-up

Joe said...

You gave me so many ginger ideas! I wish we were home and could make something for this event!

Great job so far with all of the treats, Ruth!

Ruth said...

Ramya - so far (and it's only Saturday) there are over 40 entries. The roundup will be awesome.

Joe, sorry you can't participate this time, but wait til you see all the have to check the round up on Monday and bookmark it for once you're back in the kitchen.

Ivonne said...

I don't think anyone would ever get tired of gingery desserts.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate in this month's SHF but you picked a great theme, Ruth!