Saturday, April 22, 2006

WHB and Spring

I must admit that I really do love living in Toronto and Montreal before that, because I get to experience all four seasons. I know I have whined about the heat of summer, but I do love living close to the “fruit belt” of Canada and eating ripe and juicy local peaches, pears, strawberries, cherries…okay, you get the idea. I love picnics and eating outdoors on restaurant patios. I love wearing little dresses and sandals and I love simple BBQs and easy salads.

I love winter (although it’s way too long) snuggling up to my honey in front of the fire eating cheeses on fresh baguettes and toasting to each other with some wonderful wine. I love long simmering soups and hearty stews. I love the first few snowfalls when all around is white and quiet.

I love Autumn for the vibrant colors on the trees – all the million shades of orange, red and yellow. I love the crinkling of fallen leaves beneath my feet and the first apples of the season, so crisp and tart, pumpkin pies and the first batch of chili.

But Spring is my favorite season of all. It’s when everything comes to life after the bleakness of a winter that’s overstayed its welcome. I thought I’d share a few photos of some of my favorite spring blossoms for Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blogging, since she’s often mentioned that flowers were also appropriate.

I love the shock of bright yellow forsythias

Those big pink, white and mauve magnolias that looks so awesome – huge blooms on stark wood

And the wild abandon of tiny forget-me-nots around the neighborhood.
And foodwise, don’t get me started. I eat asparagus all year round now that the imported ones actually have some flavor – often in the winter to remind me that spring is not far off. That said, there is still nothing like the local stuff that is the surest sign of spring. That and lamb!!! Lamb is my favorite meat and last week at my favorite neighborhood food purveyor – Bruno’s Fine Foods, I was in heaven. Ground lamb – not so easy to come by and delicious in a burger, meat loaf or a Moroccan tagine (more of that later in the week); butterflied boneless leg of lamb in a marinade that’s just as good as mine; and merguez sausages, which are a spicy Middle Eastern delicacy (and also hard to find here in Toronto – at least ones that remind me of the ones I used to buy in Montreal.

Please drop by next week for the recipes for a Moroccan tagine, a fusion pasta with lamb merguez and for you South Beach Dieters, I made a Cassata style cheesecake that's awesome. Here's the photo to lure you back here next week.


Kalyn said...

Great photos of the blossoms. And the cheesecake looks wonderful. My oldest brother (not Rand) just started the diet, and it's pretty funny. He's lost 12 pounds in two weeks, but he's being quite a boob about it. My sister-in-law is pretty sick of him. Luckily he never reads the food blogs so I can tell you about it.

Ruth said...

Kalyn, I must admit - without knowing him, I hate your brother! Okay those are pretty strong words, but I lost 7 pounds after 2 weeks, so I was hating my husband too - he lost 11.

I must say all the holiday eating hasn't really helped but at least I haven't gained any back.

Flim Flam Man said...
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