Monday, August 22, 2005

Outstanding in the Field Dinners

I love reading the Sunday edition of the New York Times. It's part of a wonderful ritual my husband and I have. Normally (and okay, I'm shallow) I love the ads (I live vicariously), the entertainment section (for which plays to see when we next visit the Big Apple), the news (so we can have something to debate about) and the magazine (mostly for the photos). That said, there isn't usually anything I'd write about. Okay, last week I wrote about the cryovacking article and it generated some healthy discussion - some for it and some (like me) liking the old fashioned way of cooking. Unfortunately I had a glitch and lost most of the comments, but the vote was pretty much 50-50.

This weekend there was a wonderful article in the magazine called Sand Blast. It's a wonderful article, beautiful photos and a FABULOUS idea. It's about Jim Denevan, chef and land artist who (with some incredible assistance) puts together semi spontaneous "Outstanding In the Field" feasts.

Photo "borrowed" from New York Times Magazine, Sunday, August 21. What you can't see here is the artist standing in the very center of the swirling design. He looks no bigger than an ant. Awesome!!!

I had to check out their web site and suggest you do the same. What a brilliant concept!!! I can't imagine the effort it takes to put one of these on and I'd love to attend. In the meantime, I can dream, can't I - and return often to see his odyssey in photos.

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Joe said...

Cool - thanks for that link. I went and spent awhile there - good stuff!