Sunday, November 25, 2012

One-armed Easy Marinara Sauce

First one princess...Joanna the gardener princess grew a vast amount of tomatoes which I thought I had photos of.  Then she froze a bunch of bags of whole tomatoes for winter-time sauces...which I thought I had photos of.  Then I broke my wrist...
suffice to say there was a lot of drama a week ago... and my other princess - Sharron the animation student, in the process of finishing up her assignments, flew in to offer TLC and more assistance, like massages, watching movies, propping pillows and chopping the tomatoes, etc for some easy to put together meals, not to mention each of the princesses cooking some delicious dishes for the last week. My hero, A.K.A. Honey will now share my kitchen duties, so simple is best.

This Lazy-bones Marinara version started with chopped onions and garlic slowly sauteed until onions were translucent and then Shar added the chopped tomatoes and their juices while I added a pinch of chili pepper flakes, teaspoon or so of dried oregano and basil.  It's still simmering and then my hero and I will portion it for the freezer.  It will be great over stuffed tortellini that take just minutes to heat up or turned into a chicken casserole baked with some melty cheese topping.... any other ideas are much appreciated.

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