Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Really Spring in Nova Scotia

How could I not be's finally sunny, the forsythia and magnolias are in bloom! But the thing that really has me grinning from ear to ear and melts my wintery heart...Spring has hit the farmers markets!!!
Fiddleheads are here - a sure sign of the season.
And right along with them... gorgeous red rhubarb, tender beet greens and green garlic. And the rest of this week's markets (Seaport and Historic Brewery Markets each have their appeal) delights that made their way home with me....including the pretty red carnation for Mother's Day at the Historic Brewery Market.
More skirt steak from Getaway Farm because we can't wait for me to make this Asian Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak again. It was awesome! Lamb chops from Wood 'n Hart Farm and fresh sage leaves from Riverview Herbs will bring to life the recipe I saw in the NY Times this past week. What would a trip to the market be without a stop at Julien's for a chat with Barb & Nathan, pain chocolat (needed for energy to put away the food), brioche for Sunday morning French Toast made by my Honey...(next best thing to Montreal or Toronto challah) and Good Hearth bread for some grilled cheese and smoked turkey (from Sweet Williams Country Sausages) sandwiches.
If you don't show up at the Seaport Market before 10AM, you'll miss out on my latest addiction... sinfully divine Chocolate, chocolate cookies. Think of your favorite chewy brownie and double the pleasure and you're not even close to how good these taste!
Now I'm off to flip through some of my new cookbooks that focus on the seasons and see what I can come up with for the tender beet greens, baby green garlic and rhubarb...probably not for the same recipe, though!

What's your favorite Springtime local score?


Goody said...

Major fiddlehead envy going on here!

I've just harvested the first pea shoots from the garden after what seemed like an endless wait. Standing in the garden screaming, "Grow!" doesn't work, by the way. The fava beans are being stubborn as well.
"Fiddleheads...fiddleheads...*sob* I miss the East coast."

Have a lovely spring;

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

My favourite local Spring time score is morels.But now it is spot prawn season. Although they are from the coast I have adopted them:D

Ruth Daniels said...

Goody, love your comment... and apologize for causing you tears ;-(

Val, Yum... spot prawns & morels...not something I've seen locally.

Glogirl said...

Those cookies look so yummy!!