Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pasta for Dessert

In all the 85 Presto Pasta Night Roundups, I think there has only been one...perhaps two pasta desserts. So how could I resist Mark Bittman's Sweet Almond Milk Couscous (yes, couscous IS pasta) in last week's NY Times. It reminded me of rice pudding and since, it's already started to get chilly around here, I had to have some. The rosewater, toasted sliced almonds and chopped pistachio nuts add a very Middle Eastern flavor, so not only does it provide a warmth in your tummy. Your mind has you heading over to the sunny Mediterranean.

What are you making for Presto Pasta Night...something warm and comforting, hot and spicy or...well, whatever it is...join in Presto Pasta Night fun and send it to me ruth@4everykitchen.com and check back of Friday to see what everyone else did.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

wow, a sweet pasta dish? how interesting!