Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day Trip to the Annapolis Valley

Yesterday was glorious...sunshine, soft breezes, and no need for sweaters. What could be better.

It was our first day trip this year, and a perfect start to hopefully many. Our intention was to head out down the South Shore and get to Shelburne to check out the lobster festival there. But it's two and a half hours each way and our local friends suggested waiting until July 6th for the Pictou Lobster Carnival that is their favorite.

So, we headed off to one of our favorite areas - the Annapolis Valley and see if we could venture further than we did last year.

We made it as far as Blomidon National least to the beach. Check out the stunning red clay and the cliffs. This shot is just to give you some perspective. It was awesome.

One of the most impressive natural phenomena of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick...the incredible changes in the tides. It is even more spectacular on the Bay of Fundy which is on our list of new Nova Scotia discoveries (for us) for this summer. That said, this photo was taken at 2:30 in the afternoon and you can barely make out the two fishermen on the dock who were getting their nets ready to take out on their boats. And a grandfather and son were at the end of the pier getting their fishing rods ready. I asked them what they could possibly fish for in the mud. The answer..."nothing, but within an hour when the tide comes in, there will be plenty of bass". As for getting the boats out into the Minas Basin, by 4:30 PM (high tide) the water will have elevated the boats practically up to the dock. We were too impatient to wait around though. That's for another day.

Before adventuring to Blomidon, though (and the Blomidon Estate Winery is for another day as well), we made our pilgrimage to The Tangled Garden. I can't imagine going to the Valley and not stopping there.

And today we bought... (in addition to my staple - apple sage jelly, fabulous on cheese & crackers or a toasted bagel for breakfast, and awesome as a glaze for grilled chicken or roasted salmon)...two very tasty liqueurs - The Dazzling Damson Plum with sweet basil (apparently great for martinis and I'm sure tossed with fresh berries) and Cafe Diablo with spicy anise that will be perfect drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

On to Wolfville to check out the local farmers market and have some lunch at The Tempest.

As I've come to expect in Nova Scotian farmers's very social with lots of live music

and local artisans selling their pottery, jewelry, etc., along side farmers (lots of organics) with their fresh produce and homemade jams, jellies and pickles.

But, too hungry to stop and chat and intent on having lunch at The Tempest, we just did a quick tour this time. Next time, we'll savor some of the food prepared on site. But this time....

...lunch for me, in large part because I have lobster on the brain, was a wonderful Lobster Risotto with lots of huge chunks of lobster meat in a rich sauce. I'm still drooling.

My Honey opted for a healthy version of fish and chips - grilled arctic char with a lemon beurre blanc and a side of potato & sweet potato fries. Very tasty - he let me have a bite or two.

All in all...a wonderful outing and all within an hour or so from home base - Halifax.


So So Simple said...

Ruth that risotto looks great did you work out how they cooked it.
PPN was great again I do like your new picture. Will try and get something for Kevin this week.
Love your shots that red clay is amazing.
Cheers Gilli

pam said...

Apple sage jelly sounds so good!

Ruth Daniels said...

Gilli...I didn't get the recipe and haven't quite figured it out. Perhaps we'll just have to go back ;-D

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province.

Looking forward to your pasta dish. have no idea! It's awesome.

A.C. said...

oh my gosh! The tide is incredible, they just leave their boats there like that? crazy!