Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Pasta Dilemma

I'm always ambivalent about the balance between sauce and pasta. Normally, I'm a more-sauce-than-pasta person. In fact, give me a bowl of a rich, meaty tomato based sauce and you could probably hold the pasta all together...like this Sweet Fennel Italian Sausage & Mushroom sauce or two different meat sauces in my cookbook Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories.

But there are times when I really want to taste the noodles themselves....like tonight. When I was creating the new look for Presto Pasta Nights (I wanted a photo with lots of different pasta shapes), I found Cracked Black Pepper Fettuccine from Catelli's Bistro line . Usually, I'm a more is better girl, but sometimes...and this is one of them...less is more. So dinner tonight is very simple. The only cooking...boiling the pasta. This will definitely be perfect for those really hot summer days ahead.

Don't forget that this week Closet Cooking Kevin is hosting Presto Pasta Nights, so send him your pasta entry at lynch.kevin AT gmail DOT com . Mention his blog and Presto Pasta Nights and then visit his blog for the roundup on Friday. You won't be disappointed.


test it comm said...

The cracked black pepper pasta sounds really good. Serving it with the simple grilled vegetables sauce sounds like it would let the flavour of the pasta come though. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of cracked pepper pasta. I think I saw some in a Jamie Oliver cookbook that brought the cracked pepper right into the noodles themselves when making them at home.

I'm kind of a sauce girl myself, although Batali's strong stance on the proportions has now given me some foodie guilt.

I'm sorry I've been absent from PPN recently. For some reason we haven't been making pasta for dinner as much now that the warm weather is here. But hopefully a tasty pasta dish soon!

Anonymous said...

I go back and forth about which is better too....more pasta or more sauce? It brings me back to the Mark Bittman v. Mario Batali debate. But now, I say...just make whatever you're in the mood for! Tastes can change.

Anonymous said...

My cheese shop sells a lemon black pepper fettuccine that would be great with grilled summer veggies like this - thanks for the idea!