Friday, April 25, 2008

Presto Pasta Night Roundup #60

First off, I apologize for such a terse roundup this week. We've been in Toronto visiting with family and so, no time for blogging. I suppose it's a good thing there aren't too many entries this week. Actually, I can't complain since I don't have one myself. But today is a travel day and I didn't want to disappoint. Any stragglers will be added tomorrow. There may not be as many entries as usual, but they all are wonderful. Check them out.

Second, I'd love to have some guest hosts for Presto Pasta Nights, so if you're interested you can email me at . I'm still working on the logistics, but I'd love to start mid-May. And now...on to the fantastic dishes!

First up this week, is The Budding Cook with a Simple Pasta that looks beautiful.

Tarah at Genesis of a Cook shares this glorious version of Chicken Tetrazzini.

Closet Cooking Kevin brings Dan Dan Mian, a lovely Sechwan dish.

Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen offering is this wonderful looking Linguine Ratatouille.

Pixie of You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato is a first time PPNer and she shares a stunning Linguine with Rocket Pesto and Greens.

Deborah, the Humble Housewife dishes up this wonderful Carnivorous Cannelloni.

Daphne of More than Words made one of my personal favorite comfort dishes - Dumpling Noodles.

Avra of It's a Foodie Life has to hide veggies from her kids. I know that feeling. Here's her wonderful Garlic, Sweet Potato & Spinach Lasagna.

KayKat of Cooking from A to Z brings this dish of Pad Kee Mao or Drunken Noodles. I'm up for that.

Katie of Thyme for Cooking shares a great story and an even better alternative to rained out grilling - Warm Pasta Salad with Sausages and Peppers.

Mochachocolata-Rita came up with this unique and tasty Cellophane Noodles with Mushroom Fritters.

No pasta for me this week. Between being sick and then visiting, no time for making pasta. I actually planned on making some home-made Passover pasta with Joanna, but we were both sufferring from flus and I had pneumonia to boot. Oh well, there's always next year. I decided instead to link to the very first Presto Pasta Night Roundup for a little nostalgia.

Don't forget to join in the Presto Pasta Night experience and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

And, of course, a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!! I can always count on you to make it special.


Argus Lou said...

Thanks, Ruth, for another great roundup. Hope you feel all better now and are up for all kinds of goodies.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better and enjoyed your trip!

"not too many entries"? Looks like quite a few, to me! Another great roundup.

Chris said...

Another great week. Thanks for getting this out every week....its wonderful!

Pixie said...

Looks like a good number to me as well - great roundup! thanks so much for hosting :)

TBC said...

Hope you had a good time with the family, Ruth.

Thanks for hosting PPN! :-)

So So Simple said...

Enjoyed the round up yet again Ruth Good work
Will get an entry for next week.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are a super star! I don't know how you travel and post at the same time. Great work.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks all, and I am feeling better. It's 11:30 pm and we're finally home. Definitely going to sleep in.

There are a couple of late submissions and I'll be adding them tomorrow (Saturday), so check back for the rest.

daphne said...

Thanks Ruth! Great write up as usual. Hope u r better and hv a great restful weekend.

Katie Zeller said...

Looks lovely, as usual.
Sometimes, we have to take a break for travel.. I've always thought it would be nice if one could be sick (and not do anything) but feel good at the same time....
I'm working on it!

Ruth Daniels said...

Katie, let me know when you get there...I want to join you ;-)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

What a great collection :)

I made some pastas this week, I will go through them and if anything is worthy I will send it to your event shortly...

Have a nice day, Margot