Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pasta - Nothing is More Deliciously Versatile

Some days I love to make slow cooked sauces that perfume the house and have me taking long, slow, deep breaths all day long. There is definitely something Zen and calming about it. Some days I just like to eat it...thank goodness for freezers! And some days, I want some immediate gratification....

It just so happens that the other day when I was taking a bus man's holiday from food writing by watching foodtv, I happened upon Nigella (the awesome) whipping up a batch of "no cooking involved" mushroom "sauce"...I use the term loosely. So guess what was for dinner?....

Normally for a dish like this, I'd use spaghetti or fettuccine or something else long and sleek, but in honor of my delicious grandson, who was staying for dinner with his mommy, I used "Wacky Mac" pasta...small shapes - shells, pinwheels and others in different colors (spinach & tomato flavored) since he really likes picking things up daintily with his deliciously pudgy fingers.

And before I get to lunch the next day, I just want to say that, to me...pasta is my "little black dress"...(sorry men for the analogy) can be dressed up, dressed down, and made into as many "outfits" as there are accessories in your closet. Same goes for pasta.

So when lunchtime came around the next day, I still had a big bowl of leftovers. It's amazing what a little this...(pesto)and a little that (roasted chicken - this time from the deli section of my neighborhood supermarket) can do sprinkled with more cheese and some chili pepper flakes. I "cooked" it in the microwave for a minute or so and what a tasty dish it was.

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