Friday, October 5, 2007

Presto Pasta Nights Roundup #32

Every week is a great Presto Pasta Night week and this one is no different. So without any blathering from me....

First in this week...Is Chantelle of Dish it Up! It's her new favorite quick dish...Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken Stir Fry and it sounds great.

Kaykat from Cooking from A to Z is a first time PPNer and brings a glorious looking Roasted Tofu Pasta that looks absolutely dee-vine!

Nora of Life's Smorgasbord is back with a mouthwatering dish of Pesto or Pistou with Scallops. You say tomato, I say favorite any way you say it!

Okay...this one is really special - well they all are, but...Cara of Cara's Cravings made her own pasta - true many people here do...but she added freshly roasted and ground hazelnuts to the dough! Check out her Hazelnut Pasta with Cremini & Pumpkin Sauce.

Becke, the Columbus Foodie also has an "over-the-top" pasta dish to share...Mushroom Tortellini with Duck Confit and Truffles. See what I mean?

The Bread Chick from Sour Dough had an insanely busy-in-the-kitchen week, but she still had time to make this quick-as-you-please dish of Chicken & Ham Lasagna.

Katie of Thyme for Cooking, a terrific PPNer and great writer shares a peak at life for a woman in Europe AND a terrific dish of Pasta with a Wild Mushroom Sauce.

Tigerfish of Teczcape is back with a fiery dish, so be warned....Spicy Seafood Marinara. I'm game, how about you?

Jenny, the Veggie Cookster hasn't been around in a while, but she's back with this Very Easy Creamy Pasta - it just proves, pasta making doesn't have to be hard work.

Agnes of Off the Spork is back with a great dish for Spring (I thought I was dreaming for a minute)...Who says you have to wait? Springtime Orecchiette can brighten up any dreary, chilly Fall day!

Ramona, the Houndstooth Gourmet shares a lovely looking Lamb Meatballs with a Tomato Yoghurt Sauce. I think even my lamb averse Honey will like it.

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything is still in Florence - lucky her! She shares some of the local delicacies in this awesome looking Potato Tortelli with Proscuitto, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil.

Judith of Think On It has the first of the broccoli in her area. This delightful dish of Ben Tornati Broccoli has a "secret" must have ingredient...check it out.

TBC, The Budding Cook showed up with this great addition to what is (as you all know) my favorite - Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes. Cool!

Alisha of Cook, Craft, Enjoy has another MAC dish...this one Lady Cheesy MAC. Give it a try.

Ulrike of Kuchenlatein sends a gorgeous dish, but she didn't have time to translate it for the Anglos in the group. I think we should all get out our German/English Dicitionaries and give it a try anyway. Spinach Noodles with Knusperspeck which does look a lot like bacon to me. Perhaps Ulrike will write a comment to clarify. Knoblauchzehe translated as Garlic Toe...I'm thinking garlic clove.

Sher at What Did You Eat? showed up with a great Lentil, Sausage and Pennette Soup. Perfect for chilly days.

And me… two this week to make up for all my cop outs over the last few crazy months. First is the wonderful Lentil, Chickpea and yes...Orzo Stew. I know...similar to Sher's know what they say...great minds think alike.

Plus homemade ravioli and no...those are not raisins! They're portobello mushrooms.

Lia of Swirling Notions, dropped by for the first time with this glorious looking dish of Shrimp & Mushroom Fettuccine with Caramelized Shallots & Corn. I just couldn't wait until next week to share.

Don't forget to join in the fun for next week and please visit the Presto Pasta Gang on Facebook.

As always...a very big thank you to all of you for playing along and visiting every week!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ruth, thanks for adding my dish: Spinach noodles with crispy bacon ! The translater is sometimes funny but right: Zehe is clove and toe :-). The same with Rezept, which can mean a recipe or prescription or a formula. But the translation is so odd!

Ramona said...

Ruth, What can I say? I'm speechless looking at these dishes. Thank you again for putting this together. See you again for another PPN.

TBC said...

Thanks for doing this, Ruth.:-)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Delicious as always. That spicy seafood marinara sounds amazing.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Once again, a marvelous round-up! I love your weekly PPN event!



Ruth Daniels said...

Ladies - thank you, thank you, thank you - for the kind words and the great dishes!

Anonymous said...

I have no dinner today :(
I'm going to sweep everything...

Katie Zeller said...

Everything looks so delicious! We declared a 'play day' and went to lunch, then I'm starving! (How can I be hungry after a French lunch?!?)
Great job!