Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love This Site? Own the Cookbook!

I am proud to finally announce the official launch of my cookbook - Every Kitchen Tells Its Stories - Recipes to Warm the Heart

Writing it has been a multi-year, multi-generational effort. It's finally finished and I couldn't be happier!!!
Because cooking, for me, has always been about taking care of others, I will be donating $1 for every book sold to Breast Cancer Research.

And given my commitment to this blog, I think it’s only fitting that the book be available here and in electronic format. This is a great gift idea for college students, people spending long work assignments away from home and the rest of you who are always at your computers!

Click Here to See a Sample Cooking Primer

Have more questions? Click here first.

Click on either picture to buy now via credit card through PayPal
CD ROM now just $10.00 & eBook can be yours for $8

A kosher version in eBook format is available on request.
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Nau-Dee said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! I think its wonderful that you will be donating some of proceeds. I wish you and yourr book GREAT success!!!!

s'kat said...

This is wonderful, Ruth! I know you've worked very hard, and must be over-joyed. Can't wait to see it, and I'm going to be ordering some to give out, as well.

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks ladies, for the good wishes.

Cate said...

Congrats and much luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best of luck. I'm happy your plans have come to fruition finally.

Kalyn Denny said...

Congratulations. What a great accomplishment.

Barbara said...

Congrats! Truly a gift from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful Ruth! Best of luck for such a labour of love.

Mahek said...

it feels good isnt it to have a book of your own and you must have put in a lot of effort to get it right BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!

CatCat said...

Congrats for the book. Need to know more on the details of the said book. I'm not really good on cooking, so I think that recipe book with stories about foods and the recipes is a good start for me to really love and learn cooking.

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