Saturday, March 18, 2006

Leek, Mushroom & Spinach Soup all for Weekend Herb Blogging

It’s the weekend and time for Kalyn’s Weekend Herb Blog….and not only that, in prep for going on the South Beach Diet (all this testing of very rich foods for my book – and why I did save those for last?), I thought I’d try out my trusty potato leek soup without the potatoes!!

I still have some dishes to test like my mom’s Creamed Salmon on Toast (and I’m not going to do it on whole wheat, no matter how good it is for me), cheese blintzes with a sweet berry sauce, a couple of desserts and a rice salad, so I won’t officially go on the South Beach Diet for another week or two. Once I start, I will share my journey – like it or not - and maybe even give those NOT on the diet some variations they might enjoy.


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Kalyn Denny said...

Leeks, mushrooms and spinach. Sounds wonderful. (And good luck on the diet when you get started. It's not that hard.)

mae said...

This trio sounds interesting - i love all three, leeks, mushrooms and spinach. Yum.