Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saturday Delights

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday and I’m only now able to get around to writing about Saturday. It just proves my theory that the world is rushing by us and we need some time to regroup.

I’ve written before about my favorite de-stress activities – Sunday morning reading the New York Times and eating my Honey’s French Toast. You can click here for the details and the recipe.

What I’ve been taking for granted – and actually looking on as just another day of rushing around – is Saturday. For the past month or so, between holidays, sickness, and helping Sharron get ready for her trip, we’ve missed out on our typical Saturday and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. There’s a rhythm it brings, a balance and a natural unwinding from the rushy week before. It’s a natural pace that leads to being really ready to appreciate Sunday.

We usually start by going for a long walk (our form of exercise), talk about our week, our plans, our dreams. Then we’re off to do errands – drop of the dry cleaning at Ed’s (his place is really called New Martinizing) but he makes us feel like family (and he usually has our clean stuff out before we even have a chance to take out the ticket). While Ed and my honey are chatting, I stop in at the convenience store next door to pick up some lottery tickets – believe me you’ll know when we win big. Then it’s off to Effie’s for breakfast. Actually the name of the restaurant is called Leonard’s Family Restaurant, but Effie’s been our waitress since we moved to Toronto 14 years ago and found this place. She’s a Greek version of my stepmother Eve (who I love). Our coffee is on the table before we even have a chance to take off our jackets and our “uzzul” order (scrambled for him and poached eggs for me with back bacon, home fries and toast) already given to the cook. If I only eat one egg or my honey doesn’t finish his toast, there’s that “mom” look of concern “you’re not hungry, you’re sick?, dieting ?” If the last were the case, the next visit she’d ask “one egg or two” remembering even if we hadn’t been there in a month. Next stop, shopping – usually for food, sometimes St Lawrence Market (my fave) or a Superstore or Costco for staples. Time to go home and unload – literally AND figuratively. By now we’re ready to just fall on the sofa in front of the TV, play Scrabble, eat bits of this and that and chill.

This Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed some of our favorite cheeses- rich, buttery, creamy Brie ( it tastes even better with some Apple Sage Jelly from Tangled Garden in Nova Scotia. You have to check out their website ) but I digress. I love the taste of Spanish Manchego - it's hard and salty and such a wonderful contrast to the Brie. Then there's always some crumbly goat cheese rolled in Italian herbs.....all of which taste great on some crunchy crackers and wonderful Ace Bakery baguettes. All of which was enjoyed while we watched our newest purchase to our DVD collection - Star Wars Episode III (and of course we had to follow it up with Episode IV - the original for those of you who are not Star Wars fans - my honey probably can't believe there are such people, but I know you're out there).

Hope you have a great rest of your week. Let me know your favorite Saturday pastimes.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing your Saturday with us. Crumbly goat cheese in Italian herbs sonds divine as does the Nova Scotia jelly. Have you ever been to the P.E.I perserve co. in where else but P.E.I. It's the best! By the way I love Star Wars.

Ruth Daniels said...

Sarah Lou, I haven't been to PEI, it's on my list. I actually found the jelly at the One of a Kind show here in Toronto and then when we were visiting my daughter in Halifax we went for a drive in the countryside and stumbled across their shop - I swear it's worth the trip just to wander through their herb gardens.

Anonymous said...

Your Saturdays sound wonderful. Heck, if it involves cheese, it must be! We have a small cheese shop here that's wonderful and it's a real treat--I get there about 3 times a year. Stinky place, though!

Ruth Daniels said...

Lisad, aren't they all - smelly that is, but wonderful all the same.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your Saturdays seem to be very enjoyable! Mine are not too different from yours...
Being a Swiss person, I LOVE cheese, especially the stinky ones!
Have a nice Saturday then!